2008 Village of Cooperstown Irish Hill Area Streets Reconstruction

Cooperstown Irish Hill streets Reconstruction

This project consisted of the design and reconstruction of Main Street, Rock Street, Hill Street, Beech Street, Averill Road, and Grove Street in the Village of Cooperstown.  The total cost of this project was $ 928,000. The major components of the project included:

  • Replacement of 1,971 LF of new 6”, 12”, 15”, and 18” CPP storm sewer
  • Replacement of 23 drainage structures
  • Replacement of 23 catch basins, 8 storm manholes
  • Replacement of 715 LF of 6” water main
  • 750 LF of sanitary sewer replacement
  • Asphalt pavement removal and replacement
  • 740 LF new wood rail/fence
  • Stone fill ditch lining and stabilization
  • New segmental block retaining wall system and road grading along Grove Street
  • New curbing and sidewalks
  • New and replacement manholes

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January 25, 2024