Village of Richfield Springs – Wastewater Collection System and Treatment Facility Improvements Project


This project consisted of improvements to an existing 0.600 MGD activated sludge, tertiary treatment wastewater treatment facility to improve and rehabilitate existing unit processes.

The major components of the project included the following:

  • 16,975 LF Collection System Sewer Replacement
  • Miscellaneous Pretreatment Building Improvements, Including providing channel flow for sewage, new Automatic Bar Rack, Building enclosure, and explosion-proof Electrical Improvements
  • Replace Sewage Influent Pumps with High Efficiency Pumps and provide a new Pump Control Panel
  • Construction of a 120′ x 33′ building enclosure over existing Clarifier Tanks
  • Complete Rehabilitation of Mixed Media Filters (Aquarius Filters) and replacement of filter control panel
  • Removal of accumulated sludge found in Sludge Storage Lagoon
  • New 150′ x 75′ Reed Bed for Sludge Disposal (designed for up to 300,000 gal of sludge per year)
  • New 18 kW Roof-mounted Photovoltaic Electrical System
  • Miscellaneous Electrical Improvements, Including 200 KW Emergency Generator with Automatic Transfer Switch
  • Storm Sewer Improvements incl. multiple pipe road culvert crossings

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January 9, 2024