Hamlet of Ashland, Catskill Watershed Corporation – Community Wastewater Management and Stormwater Retrofit Program

This current $7.7M project consists of a new community wastewater collection system, pumping stations, 26,000 GPD wastewater treatment plant and stormwater collection system improvements for a community in the West of Hudson New York City Watershed.

The major components of the project are the following:

  • 12,000 LF of small diameter gravity sewer system
  • 80 new septic tanks and lateral connections
  • 8 collection system septic tank effluent pump stations
  • 13,000 gallon Phosphorus Settling Tank
  • 26,000 gallon Recirculating Sand Filter Dosing Pump Station
  • 3- 50′ x 74′ Recirculating Sand Filters housed in a 186′ x 76′ Wood Framed Building
  • Post Recirculating Sand Filter Settling Tank, Clearwell Tank and Clean-in-Place Tank
  • Microfiltration Units
  • UV Disinfection System
  • WWTP Outfall Sewer to Batavia Kill
  • WWTP Site Work, Grading and Driveway including Concrete Box Culvert
  • Stormwater Treatment Facilities

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January 9, 2024