LVDV Operations

After 20 years of providing municipal, industrial, and private clients with design engineering and construction phase services, Lamont Engineers recognized that many clients needed assistance with the operation of their water and wastewater systems. Some had difficulty recruiting properly licensed personnel; some found that having their water and wastewater systems operate as part of their public works department had become unwieldy or beyond the abilities or manpower constraints of existing staff; some had difficulty with scheduling proper system coverage by licensed personnel; and some faced operational problems beyond the experience and knowledge of their current staff.

In response to that need, LVDV Operations, Inc. was formed as an affiliate company of Lamont Engineers. With experienced and properly licensed professional operators, LVDV Operations, Inc. provides contract operations and consultant services to clients in eastern New York.

LVDV Operations, Inc. can provide daily operation of water and wastewater treatment facilities, including:

  • Equipment checks and maintenance procedures
  • Laboratory testing and reporting
  • Water distribution system maintenance, leak detection, and repair
  • Wastewater collection system condition assessment cleaning and repair

LVDV Operations, Inc. also furnishes general administration of water and wastewater systems, including:

  • Completion and submission of Operations reports
  • Purchase of necessary chemicals and supplies
  • Budget preparation and cost tracking
  • Providing backup licensed operators services for system coverage during holidays,
  • weekends, vacations, or other absences of regular operating personnel
  • Assisting the client’s personnel with specific operational problems and recommending
  • improvements in operational procedures