Our service is personal, individualized, and of course, technical. Lamont Engineers is a highly competent and well-trained group of engineers, planners, and technicians who are dedicated to the highest professional standards. We approach each special project to realize the objectives of the client. For each project, our firm brings a deep understanding and core respect for the clients we serve.

Successful professional service is not based solely on competent technical knowledge. Lamont Engineers recognizes that thorough consideration of the technical aspects of a project is crucial, but that solution of the technical problems cannot alone ensure the acceptance or success of a project; technical considerations must be influenced by the expectations, the goals, the opinions, and the financial capabilities of the client.

In engineering consultations, rarely is sufficient emphasis placed on the client’s expectations, goals, financial capability, or notions about a project. We emphasize communication between the design team and the client through our client managers and project managers.

No provision in an engineering firm’s policy or structure can guarantee client participation in the design, planning, or construction processes. The real key is the attitude of the responsible technical team. The staff at Lamont Engineers has a genuine interest in serving you.

Lamont Engineers’ group of experienced qualified engineers and planners together with our many professional associates, have a capacity for a wide range of engineering applications.